Why the fashion industry doesn’t invest in plus-size

5 min readOct 15, 2021


Why the fashion industry doesn’t invest in plus-size? because we plus-size women don’t buy nice clothes. We don’t feel worthy of having nice things.

It’s not the fear of losing money while shopping. The truth is, we don’t believe we can look beautiful and this is the biggest problem we plus-size women are facing.

Plus Size Stylist & Image Consultant Michaela Leitz

It is not only the fashion industry that is not producing nice clothes in our sizes, not putting the clothes into the shops and we plus-size women are only able to shop online. It is because we don’t even intend to step a foot into these stores. Why should the fashion industry invest in plus-size women if we don’t invest in ourselves? In this article, as a plus-size woman, plus-size stylist & image consultant tell you the truth about the fashion industry that no one ever made public.

Why the fashion industry doesn’t invest in plus-size women

The fashion industry doesn’t investing in colorful clothes…

Why the fashion industry doesn’t invest in plus-size women? We plus-size women don’t want to wear color, we’re always hiding our bodies in black clothes — especially black monochromatic looks because we don’t feel well in our bodies. A lot of plus-size women just want to blend in and not be seen. So why should the fashion industry produce beautiful colorful pieces if we don’t buy them? Why should they invest in planning, producing, and selling if we are not ready? Why should they put the plus-size section together with the regular-sized section if we feel intimidated and sad if we look at thinner women? Don’t you think the industry is trying to do us a favor here?

Yes, the fashion industry doesn’t always intent to be our best friend

But we have to stop blaming the fashion industry and making up excuses for the fact that we don’t look and feel our best. There are possibilities to buy beautiful clothes on the market, yes the variety is not huge but honestly start working with what’s there and then you can start complaining. I have complained also about the industry way too long — and I only started working on myself and dressing beautifully was the fact that I:

We have to change ourselves first before we change an entire industry

I know not every woman will like what I have to say in this article, but I stand for this. We can not make anyone change themselves, we can only work on ourselves and our issues. Yes, I suffered from body dysmorphia as a teenager. Yes, I starved myself out being a size zero only to archive a look that only supermodels have. And yes I blame also the media and fashion industry for misleading especially teenagers and younger women for portraying women as being thin the only way of being beautiful.

But why should the fashion and media industry change anything if we don’t work on ourselves?

If we are not becoming better role models for our daughters and sisters out there, who else will be?

Plus Size Stylist & Image Consultant Michaela Leitz

It’s in our hands, our generation can change an entire industry if we are ready to do it. Do the inner work, show up, be present.

Show the world that you and I are as worthy as anyone else out there. Show the industry that we plus-size women are no longer just blending in and hiding.

It is time for a revolution! Research for the styles and clothes that you can wear, research for the brands that offer your size, start feeling responsible for yourself. How do you think Ashley Graham became our plus-size icon and supermodel? By sitting on the couch and feeling sorry for herself and her body? She was consistent, showed up, and was brave enough to believe in herself and her beauty.

I will change when I lose weight!

If you’re thinking that I must disappoint you, you’re kidding yourself. Yes, you can lose weight with a lot of discipline, sports, life, and mindset change. BUT will this help you to get rid of the way deeper problems you’re facing? Almost every day I get contacted by plus-size women who want to work with me. They see my beautiful stylings and want to change, but they don’t REALLY want to put the effort into it or think they can also look beautiful. So they are telling me to let me lose weight first and then I will contact you again.

Ok let me ask you one thing, don’t you want to look and feel beautiful now? Don’t you think you should be worthy enough to look and feel your best every day of your life? Regardless of your size or size?

We are body-shaming ourselves.

If we don’t stop body shaming ourselves and other women, we will keep on permitting everyone else to do the same to us. I have seen and heard this issue so many times in my life. Women bullying other women, just because they haven’t healed themselves yet. If you don’t heal your soul’s wounds, you will always be an unhappy person, and people will treat you so. We have to stop being and playing the victim. We have to become strong women and step up for ourselves.

I am ready to help you if you are committed to making a change.

Believe me, I have lived in denial and unhappiness for so many years. I have played the victim card, I have felt sorry for myself, and I binge ate to fill the void of being loved, being heard, and seen.

But I have outgrown these problems, I have worked hard on myself. I started loving and accepting myself. And I started adoring the fashion industry and these beautiful designers that I just look up to for their creations and making me feel like a million bucks every day in my life.

I am a professional stylist & image consultant and here to help you to feel and look your best, to be seen as the beautiful woman you are.

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You are not a mistake. You have never been less than beautiful in your life.