Plus Size Can be Luxurious and Sustainable too!

5 min readFeb 15, 2022

Looking for sustainable and luxurious fashion options for your plus size wardrobe? Look no further than the Plus Size Experience Podcast. On today’s show, I am excited to welcome Brandy Wykes, Founder & Creative Director of MAYES NYC. MAYES NYC is a luxury fashion brand for curvy women that offers high-quality clothing made from sustainable materials. From flattering fits to stylish designs, this brand has everything you need to dress your curves in style!

Plus-Size fashion can be sustainable and luxurious too!

Sustainability in the fashion industry is becoming more and more important, as we become increasingly aware of the negative environmental impact our clothing has. And size fashion can be part of the solution! There are now more and more brands that are doing their part in helping the environment, from reducing waste to using sustainable materials. One such plus size brand is MAYES NYC!

The plus size industry is often ignored when it comes to this conversation and the reason for that is that plus-size women are perceived as being less concerned about sustainability than other consumers. But that’s not true! They want good quality, plus size clothing as much as any other person.

As plus-size fashion consumers, we often have to compromise on what’s available for us in the mainstream market. We are led to believe that plus-size women don’t want sustainable options and this is a total myth! There’s a whole community of plus-sized women who want to be sustainable and plus-size fashion can absolutely play a huge role in that.

MAYES NYC is one of the plus size brands leading the way when it comes to sustainability, plus size luxury fashion. They have come up with an amazing solution for plus size women who are looking for affordable, high-quality clothing without compromising our planet.

Every plus size woman deserves to look beautiful!

Luxury plus size clothing might seem like a dream come true! And that’s because it is.

From plus size dresses to plus size jumpsuits and plus size tops, MAYES NYC has everything you need to dress your curves in style. Their aim? To empower women with the confidence of sustainable luxury fashion on their backs.

Why should we plus-size women not feel as luxurious as any other woman out there? We also have jobs, social life, and money to spend as anyone else.

The Plus Size Experience Podcast has partnered with MAYES NYC to give our listeners an exclusive discount on their clothing! Just use the code “Michaela15” at checkout on to save 15% off all in-stock pieces until Sunday, February 20th.

The Plus Size Experience Podcast is having your back my fellow plus-size ladies!

On this show, I talk to plus size women who are killing the fashion game. We also interview plus size experts on topics such as health, wellness, and self-love.

So whether you’re looking for sustainable luxury fashion or just some inspiration from fellow plus size ladies, make sure to check out the Plus Size Experience Podcast!

Unfortunately, plus-size women are getting discriminated a lot, but we do not have to let this discriminate us from living our best lives.

We are fabulous women who deserve to feel as beautiful on the outside as we are on the inside!

The plus size experience podcast is here for you my fellow plus-size ladies!

I have reflected on my own life, and my journey to become confident and happy — and now it’s just time for me to give back to my community out there. So please enjoy, and never forget: you are enough. And you also have always been enough! We have to heal and I am so ready to heal together with you from our past experiences. Also when it comes to business we are getting discriminated against a lot. There is so much bias about plus size women. Whether we are “lazy” or don’t deserve to be put up front as we could make other people feel “uncomfortable” with our size.

And this is where the Plus Size Experience Podcast comes in! I am here to promote us and give us a voice so we all benefit from each other’s stories, advice, and tips.

I would like to hear from you ladies!

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