What am I as a fashion stylist on the metaverse doing?

Jacket/Dress: Gyurin Na Purple Jacket || Pants: CHARLI COHEN Cipher pants ||Shoes: GARY JAMES MCQUEEN Look 2 Metallic Footwear || Headpiece: DRESSX DISCOVERSE METAL CROWN || All sold at: dressx.com

Why the metaverse fashion industry is sustainable

Blockchain technology does not only offer a transparent and secure payment process for online purchases. But also an easy, simple & cheap way to showcase clothes that are not produced yet. Also to check beforehand if there is even a demand in the styles and how much would it cost before investing in the production of clothing articles or e-commerce stores online. This is leading to saving money on stocks. When people don’t like what you’ve got in your store, you won’t produce it. Because blockchain fashion shows allow you to do all this without having invested anything until now.

Avant-Garde and Haute Couture on the Metaverse

Burbush Aphorismus Trousers $35.00 USD ||ALTERATION SPACE Watertop || I’M NOT THERE STUDIOS LOL Shoes FauxF|| All sold at dressx.com

Stylists & designers on the Metaverse are a chance for plus-size women

I am a plus-size woman who is working in the fashion industry. And I have been excluded many times because of my size.

Will professional stylists & image consultants be replaced by AI’s in the future?

I might sound crazy and for some people, my visions might be frightening. But my forecast for the future of professional styling & image consulting especially on the metaverse is following.

I am happy to connect with you!

Are you interested in metaverse personal shopping? Maybe a virtual styling or a real-life styling session? I am here for you.



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