Many fashion brands rose to prominence over the decades. Trends come and go; our fashion statements constantly change. But no matter how demanding the business gets, certain brands are already embedded in our hearts. Gucci and Chanel are both highly respected names in the world of fashion, and as they celebrate their 100th year in the industry, let us get to know their humble beginnings; behind the glitz and glamour were two then ordinary people who proved that nothing is impossible when you put your mind and heart into your dreams.

Guccio Gucci of GUCCI

Guccio Gucci had typical low-paying…

As much as we all look forward to a brighter post-pandemic future, life has to go on for everyone. The health crisis impacted every aspect of the economy — and as it continuously brings drastic changes in our lifestyle, the world of fashion also had to adjust.

Just like last year, many of us would continue embracing a work-from-home lifestyle in 2021, and we all enjoy the flexibility it offers. For most people, working in a corner of your home in your most comfy pair of silk pyjamas is a lot better than slouching in your office chair. …

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For more than 20 years, Pantone Color of the Year announces each December the color for the coming year. A color that forbodes new opportunities for the industry. To arrive with a suitable color, Pantone’s experts examine, among others, social trends, and those of the fashion industry. For all those who have fashion at the forefront of their minds and for all sectors connected to fashion, the day Pantone announces the color of the year is much anticipated. — By a range of people for as many as different reasons. …

The corona crisis changed almost everything, and fashion changed with it.

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A little more than 100 years ago, the world suffered the biggest pandemic in recent history — the so-called “Spanish flu,” a particularly aggressive variant of the influenza virus called H1N1. The total number of deaths is estimated at 50 million people but is probably around 100 million. The “Spanish flu” has claimed more lives than both world wars combined and can, therefore, undoubtedly be classified as the greatest catastrophe in the world.

The Golden 20s.

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Dating as a plus-size can be a little intimidating, particularly if you have not had a fair share of amiable experiences to begin with. But the truth is, dating in whatever body shape you’re in always comes with certain risks. When you open up yourself to someone, you are risking yourself to be judged; you are risking your heart to be broken. Cliche as it sounds, but love really is a gamble. Nevertheless, your weight is not a deciding factor for anyone to not pursue you — it should be your personality as a whole.

Fellow ladies, here’s a few…

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It has been quite a challenging year for the fashion world. The changes in the way people dress were drastic, as most of us abruptly transitioned to multi-layers of protective clothing and face masks. This particular look pretty much dominated most of 2020. But this year, with a positive disposition that things will start to fall once again into their rightful place, I’d like to give you ladies a few vibe-altering tips. They’re simple. You just have to know exactly what NOT to wear in the most cheerful time of the year — The spring!

Bermuda shorts are totally, totally…

Sure, we all dress up according to our daily activities, but do you know that not everyone follows a particular style or has a defined fashion statement? Many choose their wardrobe according to what is required (e.g. pants and blouse for work) but fail to consider the quality, colors or textures, simply because it takes effort to understand its concept. If you are this fashion newbie, worry not! The fashion world may be overwhelming but with a little help from someone who understands it at heart (yep, that’s me), acquiring a sense of personal style is totally doable.

There is no shame in imitation

As a…

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First, let’s discuss the quality.

Because it is designed to cater to the fast-changing fashion demands, the quality is not thoroughly outlined and developed, thus very prone to damage. And why is that so? Of course, for consumers to keep buying new ones. The only way for any brand to mass produce clothes in a relatively short period of time is to bank on cheap materials and critical labor situations where workers are forced to work strenuously to meet a certain quota. To put simply, fast fashion is just composed of new trends, but they are not necessarily timeless pieces.

Second, the need for accelerated labor.

To sustain the insatiable appetite…

We all experience body issues, regardless of our body size. While a lot of plus-sized ladies would like to trim down their weight, I also know a lot of slim ladies who wanted to gain some in hopes of defining their curves.

While either losing or gaining takes serious commitment and hard work, there are ways to execute our preferred fashion while fully embracing our body. Here, I listed down three most important things to consider for plus-sized babes like myself :)

Do not opt for baggy clothes or those that are too small in size

This applies to every…

We live in a world of colors. We are surrounded by different hues that leave a profound effect on our overall mood. The world of fashion absolutely embraced this concept. We are now brave enough to try different colors, even those that we initially thought were too bold for our personalities. People go to the gym in neon green tank tops and yoga pants. Beach goers show off their bodies in blazing orange swimsuits. Young girls dance the night away in sparkly purple party dresses.

While dark colors are neutral and can be paired with almost anything, bright colors can…


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